1/ A white wine that’s too cold can taste too tart, while reds that are too warm may taste fruitless and unstructured. At the wrong temperature, wine also loses all those aromas that many enjoy. With a wine fridge you can get your wine's to the correct serving temperature effortlessly. 

2/ Too much heat and sunlight will “cook” your wine, turning bright fruit flavors into something sour, like stewed prunes. The warmer the air, the faster the wine ages. 

Leaving your wine to sit on the kitchen counter is apt to absorb unwanted heat from a hot stove and other appliances. And while using your regular refrigerator as a full-time chiller won’t hurt your wine, too many bottles can roll around or accidentally break when reaching for dinner ingredients or that late-night snack. Not to mention any bottle will still need to warm before pouring a glass (who has the patience for that?).

3/ A wine refrigerator, where you can control the temperature of your wine (which should be 10 to 20 degrees warmer than your regular refrigerator and about 10 degrees cooler than room temperature) is a worthy investment. Especially if you keep more than a handful of bottles at one time, drink a glass a few times a week, or if you have a couple of special bottles you don’t want to drink right away. Imagine bringing home a Chianti from your trip to Italy, only to find several months later it’s undrinkable because it was sitting in a sun-drenched kitchen.

4/ You can build up a collection of wine and keep it for a longer time frame. Wine ages best at around 12c. You need a consistent year round temperature similar to a traditional wine cellar underground. Take a look at our wine ageing cellars here.

When is it time to upgrade your storage conditions? Ask yourself this: How much did you spend last year on your wine habit? If a £1,000 cooling unit represents less than 25 percent of your annual wine-buying budget, it’s time to think about it more carefully. Might as well protect your investment.

5/ They look pretty cool. Especially if you buy an integrated one for your kitchen. What wine lover wouldn't want one of these stunning units?