British Made Awards 2023

The tale of Wine Storage UK, a member of the Guild of Mastercraftsmen, unfolds like the intricate aging process of fine wine itself. This specialty retailer, renowned for its exquisite offerings including top-tier wine coolers, racks, bespoke cellars, and cigar humidifiers, embodies a journey akin to the refinement of wine.

The company's Managing Director, Clive, boasts over two decades of experience in fine wine imports, complemented by his education at the esteemed Wine and Spirits Education Trust in London. Leveraging his expertise, Clive meticulously curates premier wine coolers and aging cabinets, alongside crafting a contemporary wine storage line. Notably, Clive's modular solid-wood Sommelier Wine RacksTM, handcrafted by skilled artisans in the joinery workshop, clinched the coveted Best Retailer of Bespoke Racks title at the 2022 SME Awards.

For avid wine collectors lacking space for underground cellars, Wine Storage UK offers a lifeline with its selection of wine aging cabinets. Designed to emulate subterranean conditions, these cabinets ensure optimal darkness crucial for wine maturation and preservation, catering to the discerning tastes of oenologists.

Left: New project in East Sussex, 3D render. Right: Newly completed project in historic Kent Lodge.

The company also caters to wine cooling needs with integrated, free-standing, and built-in options, including single or dual-zone coolers. Brands like Pevino, Swisscave, Caso, and Liebherr, meeting Clive's exacting standards, grace their collection, offering capacities ranging from 12 to 200 bottles.

Proudly carbon-neutral, Wine Storage UK champions sustainability initiatives, including relocating its joinery workshop to minimise carbon emissions and embracing electric bikes for staff commute. Their commitment extends to a fully sustainable wood supply chain and recycling wood offcuts, ensuring eco-conscious practices resonate through their offerings.

Noteworthy among their creations are the award-winning Sommelier Wine RacksTM, customisable to accommodate various storage needs. Additionally, they ingeniously repurpose wine cases from renowned vineyards to expand storage options, minimising industry waste.

Wine Storage UK operates as a non-profit, channeling profits toward charitable endeavours like providing bicycles for Ukraine—a cause deserving of a heartfelt toast.

Blog post abridged from an article written for the Guild of Master Craftsmen magazine